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Undergraduate Program

  • Program of Study

    The department offers a full and varied curriculum in literary history, critical theory, dramatic literature, theatre history, and literary culture. Its courses enable students to immerse themselves in literary works that reflect the values and aspirations of our diverse cultural traditions. Read More

  • Major in English

    Becoming an English Major NYU offers a degree in both English and American Literature and Dramatic Literature. The english major offers course in literary theory, history... Read More

  • Minor in English

    Beginning fall 2014, this is a five-course (20-point) minor. The requirements are Literary Interpretation (ENGL-UA 200) and one of the following... Read More

  • After the English Major

    Current job prospects for English majors are very good! See the recent survey from the Wasserman Center. So what about more recent grads? We caught up with five Class of 2012 NYU English majors. Read More