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Anselm Haverkamp

Professor Emeritus of English

Dr.phil.habil. 1983 (German and comparative literature), Konstanz; Dr.phil. 1975 (medieval literature and literary theory), Heidelberg; M.A. 1968 (literature, history, and philosophy), Konstanz.

Areas of Research/Interest: 

literature and philosophy; metaphorology; law and literature; canon formation. Shakespeare, Keats, Joyce

External Affiliations:

Honorary University Professor of Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, since 2009; ERC Research Professor of Rhetoric, Leuphana University, Lueneburg, since 2013; Advisory Board, Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis; Editorial Board, Law and Literature (Berkeley); Editorial Board, Weimarer Beiträge (Vienna)


Messenger University Lectures, Cornell University, 2008; Distinguished Floersheimer Visiting Professor of Law, Cardozo School of Law, New York, 2006. Visiting Professor of Philosophy, EHESS Paris, 2002; IC Paris, 2003. Visiting Professor of Literature, Bergen and Oslo, 1993; MPI Berlin, 1992; NYU 1988; Freiburg, 1987; U of Oregon, 1986; U of Minnesota, 1985; Yale University, 1984-1985. Festschriften: Literatur als Philosophie, ed. E. Horn, B. Menke, C. Menke. Munich: Fink 2006. Latenz, ed. St. Diekmann, Th. Khurana. Berlin: Kadmos 2007. Figures of Thought for Anselm Haverkamp, ed. E. Horn, M. Lowrie. Berlin: August 2013.


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Baumgarten-Studien. With R. Campe and C. Menke, Berlin: August 2014.

Commentary, Hans Blumenberg, Metaphorology. Berlin: Suhrkamp 2013.

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Shakespearean Genealogies of Power. London: Routledge 2010.

Begreifen im Bild. Berlin: August 2009.

Diesseits der Oder. Berlin: Kadmos 2008.

Metapher: Die Ästhetik in der Rhetorik. Munich: Fink 2007.

Ed. Derrida/America. With Peter Goodrich  New York: Cardozo Law 2005. 

Ed. Walter Benjamin after the 20th C. New York: Cardozo Law School 2004.

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Ed. Deconstruction Is/In America. New York: NYU Press 1995.

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Recent research papers:

Mass Times Acceleration, Qui parle 12 (2001). 
Chaos by Design: The Light/ Sound Constellation, MLN 118 (2003). L’inconcéptualité de l’être, Archives de Philosophie 67 (2004). 
The Enemy has No Future, Cardozo Law Review 26 (2004).  Radical Patience: Deconstruction’s Fall into History, Derrida/America (2005).
The Ghost of History: Hamlet’s Politics of Paternity, Law and Literature 18 (2006). Art Awaits Its Explanation: Recent Interest in Adorno, Phrasis 49 (2007). 
Life in the Sonnets. MPI Berlin, Preprints (2011).
 To Conceive of, in Pictures, Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics 58/59 (2011).

The Pun of a Pound, Latenz (2011). Medea ex machina, Philosophy of the Tragic (2011). The Scandal of Metaphorology, Telos 158 (2012).
A Narrow Thing within One Word, Theatrum Mundi (2012).  Art is Messianicity, Oxford Literary Review (2014). In/Doors, Interiors and Interiority (2014).  Hans Blumenberg, Oxford Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, 2nd ed. (2014).  Confessio infirmitatis, Emblems in Jurisprudence (2014).

Updated on 02/28/2014